Reading is Magical Game Set:

“The Reading is Magical Game Set” was designed by Sheri Sather. Her mission is to teach children to read through a fun, stress-free approach. She believes reading is the key to success and the key to creativity and imagination. The game set includes phonics and word attack skills for students in grades kindergarten and up. The concepts begin with simple three letter words and progress to more difficult concepts such as sight words, multi-syllable words, long vowels, and base words with tricky suffix endings.

Perfect for Home and School 
Great for Beginning Readers



Popcorn Words

Pop! Pop! Pop! Memorize dozens of the most common sight words. Serve the monkeys and try to get promoted to Manager of the Movie Theater.

Syllable Split

Help Syllable Sammy decode two syllable words. He will split the words in half for you, if you help him build a new log cabin.

Base Word Baseball

Strike 1! Help the Chipmunks win their Championship Baseball game by helping them read base words with suffix endings. They need your help with the -ed, -ing, -ful, -est, and other suffix endings.

Magic e” Adventure

Help! The wacky wizard has turned the prince into a frog. He needs your help finding all the words that end in a “magic e”. Follow the words and you will lead the prince back to his castle and the spell will be broken!

“My Reading Tools”

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