Our goal is to help children succeed to rising expectations of the California State Standards. Preschool, Kindergarten, and early elementary classes require and expect children to master several high-level skills. Tutoring for Totsí curriculum mirrors these expectations, but puts the concepts into a context that is fun and achievable for the child.

Our approach is that children learn best through educational games, music, and innovative practices in combination with pencil-paper activities. We believe that children will gain a positive attitude toward learning and build confidence and self esteem if the concepts are taught in an enjoyable and developmentally appropriate method.


PreK-1st Grade

vocabulary development
fine motor skills
(cutting, holding a pencil, etc.)
phonemic awareness
(rhyming, sound manipulation)
letter and number recognition
counting to 100
penmanship/ letter and number formation
beginning reading skills

beginning writing skills


1st- 5th Grade

word attack reading skills
oral fluency (speed reading)
reading comprehension
sentence/paragraph writing
problem solving
higher-order thinking skills

study skills

Volunteer Programs

The Family of Schools Highlights
"Reading Is Magical"

Sheri had a wonderful time teaching the kindergarten students at Cowan Elementary School in Westchester her "Reading is Magical" literacy program.

The children enjoyed playing "The CVC Squeeze", "Popcorn Words", and "The Syllable Split" games while learning the beginning concepts of reading.

Many thanks to Loyola Marymount's Family of Schools Program for this opportunity!


Reading Is Magical

Art Studio presents "Meet Mrs. Muncher!"

Sheri had an amazing time sharing an educational craft project with the viewers of Art Studio in Torrance.

She showed how easy you can turn a flip-top trash can into a Flash Card Munching Machine.

This hands-on activity is just one simple example of how you can inspire your child to become a self-motivated learner!

rt Studio presents "Meet Mrs. Muncher!"