Sheri Bergeron-Sather is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University. She holds her Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, as well as a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Sheri has been teaching young children in the public school system for over 10 years, with experience in preschool, kindergarten and first grade.

As an educator, Sheri believes children should have a positive attitude toward learning. With her hands-on philosophy and stress- free approach, her goal is to develop children to be self-motivated, life long learners.


  • minimum of a 4 year College Degree

  • carefully screened with background checks

  • professionals with a passion for teaching

  • most of our tutors are credentialed teachers

  • several of our tutors have a masterís degree

Most importantly our tutors provide quality one-to-one individualized instruction. After each session our tutors meet with parents to review the child's progress and provide a hand written form reflecting the lessons taught and the childís advancements. Furthermore, our tutors provide motivation and a desire for children to learn concepts that are geared toward grade level standards and supported by classroom teachers.

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Jennifer Reynolds


  • work at childís own pace

  • incorporate learning games, music, manipulatives, computers games

  • hands-on approach

  • pencil-paper activities and assessments

  • curriculum mirrors that of the student's classroom

  • work toward state standards for grade level

Our curriculum is based around the California State Standards. Preschool, Kindergarten, and early elementary classes require and expect children to master several high-level skills. Tutoring for Tots' curriculum mirrors these expectations, but puts the concepts into a context that is fun and achievable for the child.

  • academic gains are measured based on state standards

  • show what students have successfully attained

  • illustrate students areas of weakness

  • enables our tutors to quickly assess the student's understanding of concepts

  • are stored in a portfolio for parent and child review

Children are given assessments at the first tutoring session in order to assess their current level. This provides our tutors with a starting point and an idea of what concepts need to be introduced and taught. Every few weeks assessments are given to ensure children are progressing.

Reading is Magical Game Set

We also offer a specialized reading program that focuses on phonics and word attack skills. Our Reading is Magical Game Set is composed of a dozen reading games that focus on skills such as CVC words, Sight Words, Multi-syllable words, Long Vowels, and other Word Attack skills introduced in kindergarten through second grade. The downloadable paper games can be purchased from our on-line store and the website games can be played on-line from our website.